Here are a few suggestions if you intend on sending flowers to a family member or friend who has recently experienced a death:

  • Call the funeral home that is handling the arrangements and inquire if there is a “please omit flowers” request. Also, it is possible that the family wishes to provide the flowers for a simple floral setting — a casket spray and two matching side baskets for example — or maybe the decedent had a favorite flower or color of flower.
  • A call to the funeral home serves another important purpose as well. They know the names of local florists that serve their market area and timely delivery and freshness will be guaranteed.
  • Beware online floral retailers who appear to have a national distribution network when in fact they do not. If you must order flowers online, we recommend purchasing from either of the two largest and most reputable of floral companies: or
  • Instead of sending a floral arrangement, consider a gift basket arrangement. Remember, many cemeteries now limit the number of arrangements that they will accept at the graveside — and this is especially true if the body is being entombed in a community mausoleum — so your arrangement might be discarded in the trash immediately after the wake.
  • Don’t forget that a couple of days AFTER the funeral service — when everyone returns to their regular schedule — the reality of the death begins to sink in for the immediate next of kin. A small and colorful floral arrangement for the house with a little note saying you’re thinking about the family might be more appreciated than a large arrangement that’s displayed among many floral pieces at the wake service.

We hope these suggestions are helpful to you.

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